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Rate Estimates

TAG Research is a small, independent consulting company. As such, we offer high-quality, specialized, and personalized services at a fraction of the cost of other cultural resource management (CRM) firms, because we do not have the same overhead costs as larger companies.

We always strive to create cost-effective “packages” for our clients, and all of our proposals are always quoted at a single price. That means everything–from field work to equipment rental to data processing–is included in the pre-agreed upon proposal. There are never hidden fees or surprise costs.

As a general guideline, each day in the field typically requires 1 lab day for processing, analysis, and report writing. A typical GPR grid of 40m by 40m can be covered in one day. See GPR FAQ for more info on surveys.

For a free estimate, or for a free customized plan for your site or project, please feel free to contact Jennie: