About Jennie Sturm

For over 13 years, Dr. Jennie Sturm owned and operated TAG Research by Sturm, Inc., and is now thrilled to be the Geophysics Program Director at Statistical Research, Inc., providing the same ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and other geophysical consulting services as before. 

Dr. Sturm has over 17 years of geophysical and geospatial archaeological experience. She has worked with CRM firms, government agencies, tribal nations, non-profits, and academic institutions providing geophysical and geospatial consulting in a variety of contexts. These include both historic and prehistoric archaeology, cemeteries and burial studies, historic preservation, environmental studies, geology/paleontology, and construction. Dr. Sturm has experience conducting geophysical surveys and analyzing/processing geophysical data from 17 U.S. states and six foreign countries, and has authored or co-authored over 50 technical reports and 10 peer-reviewed publications. In addition, her data have appeared in such publications as Revolt: An Archaeological History of Pueblo Resistance and Revitalization in 17th Century New Mexico (2012, Matthew Liebmann, University of Arizona Press) and Interpreting Ground-penetrating Radar for Archaeology (2013, Lawrence Conyers, Left Coast Press). Dr. Sturm also conducts GPR teaching and training, and provides lectures/workshops on geophysical and geospatial archaeology.